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there was an attempt„„

i hate helmets

love vivienne <3

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games i sometimes cry over: mass effect 3

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meishuu replied to your photo: “Oops, my hand slipped and I kinda created my canon/Lenyaverse Hawke at…”:
I love that hair :D she’s lovely

Heh, thx. I like it too (bowlcuts ftw), even more that there is a mod that makes the hair texture all shiny and HD in my game. I just find it a pity/stupid that while Bethany has the same shiny dark hair and is an overall lovely preset, she is several shades lighter in complexion than Hawke. It makes RPing a tad (or much?) harder. (And there is no poc-Bethany mod out there to fix this annoyance :/ )

Hell, I even named my first save "I think I’m adopted" …ahem


i’m so excited for Inquisition I’M SO EXCITED FOR INQUISITION

also so excited for Josephine!!!!! she’s so cute!!

6wingedpoet replied to your post: “mlkm replied to your post: Oops, my hand slipped and I kinda crea… I…”:
IMHO, MOA should be played before the finale quest in ACT 3 (much more banter, and it made more sense to be in a party as a champion). With Legacy, I usually play it before All that Remains quest (don’t want to spoil you just in case :p)

Ah, okay. I do know all about the story, so no worries about spoiling me ;) I just haven’t played DA2 ever since (early) 2011 and thus have only watched playthroughs of the DLC’s on YT. Me playing it again is about finding my personal canon story and Hawke, as well as a refresher for the smaller plot details, so I don’t go all huh on the keep decisions. Heh. 

Thank you for the info, however. I think I will try out your route <3  

"Many fear change, and will fight it with every fiber of their being. But, sometimes, change is what they need most."

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Mark of the Assassin before completing Act 2 and Legacy in Act 3. imo Go with Beth, at least on Legacy.

Yeah, I think Warden Bethany (which is her fate in my canon game) makes most sense to go with her sister in Legacy. Yay, Warden lore.

I’m not a huge fan of the tallis fanfiction  Mark of The Assassin DLC in general tbh, but I will probably get it as well, if only for completeness’ sake. And party banter.

Thanks for the info in any case. Good to know <3 

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I see a lot of Arl Eamon hate on Tumblr, calling him uncaring and manipulative. 

But I’m replaying Origins and just gave Alistair his mother’s amulet and you know what? Eamon found that amulet, repaired it and kept in in his frickin’ desk for a decade. 

Don’t try and tell me he didn’t care a great deal for Alistair.

Except we have no idea if he actually repaired it. That’s Alistair’s assumption, since he really wants to believe it.

It could have easily been a servant or Bann Teagan or someone else.

But even if it was a servant who repaired it, Eamon was still the one who kept it in his desk.

Who’s to say he even kept it out of sentiment?

Maybe a servant fixed it because y’know fixing stuff is part of their job and just happened to leave it there for him to let him know they fixed it. It’s very possible Eamon didn’t even notice that it was there. It’s also possible that he didn’t remember it being Alistair’s in the first place.

Considering the only character who says anything about this is Alistair, who’s biased because the dude’s kinda love-starved, I’m calling major BS on the assumption Eamon kept it out of sentiment.

I mean, this is the guy that, when Alistair is executed, starts going on about the bloodline. If he truly had fatherly feelings toward Alistair, then he wouldn’t talk about fucking bloodlines when Alistair is going to die because of his political machinations. 


I mean really, Eamon probably meant well in Alistair’s early years, or at least tried. (golem figures etc) Something he has completely given up to do, since he carted him away to the Chantry. Until Alistair became convenient and useful again, of course. (And don’t get me started on how he views Anora, ugh)



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what a complete cutie! oh gosh she is so cute i can’t


I mean she has to be, because I spent like 2 hours in the CC :p *forever hating that DA2 has no toolset*

 cheetah-smith said: Ooooh, I really like her already. :D

Thanks :D I really like her too, so much that I hurried to create a save with the save generator to ensure I could start the game in the Lenyaverse. Initially, I just had planned to play around in the CC and check the new options added by mods, not to play. I’m quite happy how she turned out for that ;)


persephonechiara replied to your photo: “Oops, my hand slipped and I kinda created my canon/Lenyaverse Hawke at…”:
Yeah, I use the Natural Skins mod for my Hawke ‘cause Vanilla is so ugh. But Mia is BEAUTIFUL! <3 Can’t wait to see her story unfold.

Either I have missed this mod, or haven’t installed it yet bc the dark tones were just the default ones, I think? In any case thank you <3 Mia only had cost me about two and a half hour of time to create in the CC, since I apparently have also forgotten how fickle these sliders are in comparison to DA:O. Ah well xD

I do have a basic idea of her for already, like her being very protective of Bethany/close with her, as well as some of the choices. (Basically she is a purple rogue Hawke with little sprinkles of red here and there, and will take up the Mage’s side, due to her sister, who will become a Warden. Though not sure how she will take the whole Anders thing (whether to rival or befriend him and so forth. But yay for the console, so I can test both ways)  Also I have to resist Fenris, because she is meant for Izzy.

Best thing is probably that I modded my game in a way that I am ridiculously overpowered, so I can really rush through the multitudes of tedious fights way faster and concentrate more on the story. (And there were a LOT, if I remember right)

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mlkm replied to your post: Oops, my hand slipped and I kinda crea…

I know it’s kinda hated, but I love love that hair. I think it’s so cute. It’s lovely on your Hawke btw

It is? Oh, okay. I mean I disliked it during my first (and last) playthrough in 2011, but I somehow grew fond of the bangs and such a hair style over the years. It seems even that the combination of bowlcut and eyeliner has become an instant win with me, which is probably why I was immediately fond of Sera and her “ill-adviced haircut” :D

For Mia it just fitted and is the perfect act 1 haircut (somehow ironic to pick a vanilla one after installing so many hairmods, but ehh.) Looking forward to see her story unfolding, though some things are already certain (Bethany will become a Warden, her romancing Isabela and being purple/red mixture) Beyond that, it will be exciting to see her getting fed up more and more with Kirkwall’s BS xD

When should I ideally play the DLC’s? I never have, so this will be another thing to look forward to (minus having to buy them for the same price they were in 2011, ugh)