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Expectations Vs. Reality / Game of thrones

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Ugh, that’s my writing hand.
—The Inquisitor, probably


*squints at suspiciously*
I don’t think this was made for fingers



Thank you to everyone who took part in my Dragon Age Inquisition Art Giveaway! This is my ninth giveaway and I enjoy them so much that I’m sure there’ll be another before long, but for now let’s get on with the winners!

As picked by, the winners are…

1. #500 - inquisitorsunite

2. #826 - afirethatwillneverburn

3. #935 - merilsell

4. #1613 - iron-bae

5. #599 - hoiist

6. #1926 - lionoftheinquisition

Congrats, you all win a portrait of one of your Dragon Age OCs!

When I sober up I’ll message you about what I need. To everyone else that entered - thanks for taking part! Probability wasn’t your friend this time, but I can never go too long without a giveaway so maybe you’ll get lucky soon. In the meantime, I hope you’re all as excited as I am about Dragon Age!


Omfg, I entered that by coincidence and with the mindset “Lol, I never win anyway”. Okay I did once ages ago, but that is beside the point …Whelp, here I am now. Staring. Screeching. Excuse me while I slowly start to realize it. Ahem.



I want this on my blog because I think it is important. If you have any problems with this, message me.

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The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies – Teaser Trailer – Official Warner Bros. UK


With Pippin’s Song in the background, to boot.

Should I cut out my bleeding heart next and serve it on a golden platter for your consumption, Jackson???

Brb, weeping 5ever.

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Close-up from this work.


Zevran does not like.

Clothing for him is from here.


based on [x]

Favorite football friendships: Manuel and Thomas.♥◡♥



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what exactly is 4chan



back at it again with more isabela n hawke




Body Positivity

I needed this. Thank you.

Any time.