Nicole, 31. White cis woman, hetero. German, education/kindergarten teacher, and eternally confused by life. Regularly crying over/blogging Dragon Age/ME, OUAT/CS, Sleepy Hollow, feminism/general SJ, Poets Of The Fall, gaming, and everything in between. Multi-fandoms and random madness, sometimes NSFW. Full time nerd and FF-writer of never-ending stories. Part time opinionated asshole and queen of snarkville, but generally I'm a nice person, if socially awkward. It just that I have ZERO patience for ignorance and all the gross ~isms. Same for fandom drama/shipping wars. Lady Stan through and through. I lead an Emma Swan, Abbie Mills, Jess Day, Sansa Stark, Anora Mac Tir and Morrigan appreciation life.

Ships I'll sail to the gates of hell: Captain Swan/Outlaw Queen (OUAT), Shenko (ME), Ness (New Girl),Ichabbie (SH), Mash/Mabastian (Reign) and Alistair/F!Mahariel (DA:O). Among others.

Oh look, it is the Alistair rage dance *cue polka music*